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Collagen Hydration 02 by day


Day cream Collagen Hydration O2 by day was created for the needs of all skin types. The content of proteins, lipids and minerals deriving from the unique complex based on an extract from vines increases oxygenation and improves cellular metabolism. In this way it provides the necessary energy for the production of collagen and elastin, which delays the formation of wrinkles. Thanks to the presence of soy germ and wheat extract the cream has an oxygenating effect. The linoleic acid contained in grapeseed oil and vitamin E have an antioxidant effect, fight off free radicals, in order to effectively counteract the aging process of the skin. Polysaccharides, plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid provide long-lasting hydration. Collagen improves the flexibility and elasticity of the skin and does not allow mimic wrinkles to become permanent. Active oxygen improves oxygenation of the skin cells. Such an additional « injection » of oxygen makes all processes taking place in the skin take place more efficiently. Filters effectively protect against the harmful effects of UV radiation.


  • Pour les soins quotidiens des peaux jeunes


The cream should be applied every day in the morning after using Toner MP-acti+


  • Une riche source de collagène
  • Oxygénation de la peau
  • Hydratation en profondeur de la peau
  • La peau devient plus fraîche, douce, souple et soyeuse au toucher
  • Création d’un film protecteur à la surface de la peau
  • Protection contre les rayons UV nocifs et le photovieillissement
  • Protection contre la perte excessive d’eau
  • Raffermissement de la peau
  • Accélération de la régénération de l’épiderme
  • Effet apaisant
  • Adoucit et lisse la peau