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Stem cells

Stem Cells, until recently a medical term, and today a new concept in the world of cosmetology. Under this name are cells that have the ability to an infinite number of cell divisions, and they are additionally “immortal” and self-renewable. This means that they can replace destroyed or altered body tissues, giving the best results of regeneration of our skin. In this way, we are drawing nearer to a “revolution” in cosmetology, because the unique properties of these cells give great opportunities of restoring the regenerative functions of the skin, which have been weakened due to the aging process, bad hygienic habits, stress and other factors. By providing the skin with stem cells, we ensure its constant level of active cells (such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, DHE) responsible for its proper hydration, moisturization, firmness and beautiful appearance. Therefore, cosmetics created on the basis of stem cells (murier) are a kind of “youth potion”.