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RX2 Ampoule

RX2 ampoule with an improved, modern formula is recommended even for skin with deep wrinkles. It contains a unique set of several ingredients with strong anti-aging effects. Tripeptide with snake venom blocks muscle contractions that are responsible for the mechanical aging of the skin. It becomes free from wrinkles for a very long time. The effect of the peptide is enhanced by the multi-functional active ingredient Verbena Officinalis Extract, which speeds up cellular metabolism, thus constantly rejuvenating them. Verbena Officinalis Extract affects the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen, which diminish with age, despite great skin care. The ampoule additionally contains ready collagen and hyaluronic acid to protect mature skin against water loss. Plant stem cells penetrating into the deep skin layers interact with the natural defence mechanisms of cells.


  • Mature skin, with slight or significant effects of aging
  • Mature skin, with effects of fatigue, ashen, discoloured, very dry



Apply 1 or 2 times a week, depending on skin condition


  • Long-lasting hydration of the skin
  • Shallowing of deep wrinkles
  • Elimination of shallow, medium and deep wrinkles
  • Significant improvement in the appearance and colour tone of the skin