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RX1 Ampoule

The RX 1 ampoule contains a modern formula for rapid rejuvenation of even very deeply aged skin. It owes this powerful effect to its composition, which was developed using the latest achievements in cosmetology. The primary ingredient is peptide from snake venom that blocks muscle contractions which are responsible for the mechanical aging of the skin, inhibiting the long-term effect of facial contractions – wrinkles of different depths, which do not return for a long time. The addition of natural collagen complements its loss in the skin. Polysaccharide derivative deeply moisturizes the skin and at the same cleanses it, removing dead cells, so that nothing blocks the road to healthy and refreshed youthful skin. Plant stem cells penetrating into the deep skin layers interact with the natural defence mechanisms of cells. The ampoule contains the proven properties of hyaluronic acid, which perfectly protects the skin from drying out.


Mature skin, with slight or significant effects of aging

Mature skin, with effects of fatigue, ashen, discoloured, very dry


Apply 1 or 2 times a week, depending on skin condition


  • Long-lasting hydration of the skin
  • Shallowing of deep wrinkles
  • Elimination of shallow and medium wrinkles
  • Deep skin peeling
  • Significant improvement in the appearance and colour tone of the skin