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I-Photo SPFi 50+


Murier laboratory has developed an advanced cream for after IPL treatments I-Photo SPFi 50 + using the most modern technology available. It is intended for sensitive skin as protection against harmful UV radiation. The recipe uses the properties of vitamin E and a composition of organic and mineral filters. Vitamin E an an antioxidative effect, which inhibits the aging process of the skin. A combination of hyaluronic acid, panthenol and grape stem cell provide the skin with regeneration, increase in firmness and long-lasting and deep hydration. The product is recommended after laser treatments, such as Ipl, CO2 and mechanical treatments performed in cosmetic surgeries.


After IPL, Co2 treatments and mechanical treatments performed in cosmetic surgeries.


It should be remembered that sunscreen products do not provide complete protection and require the application of additional precautionary measures. Therefore, even when applying sunscreen products, prolonged exposure to the sun is not recommended, because excessive exposure to UV radiation poses a serious threat to health. This especially concerns children and infants, who should be protected from direct sunlight.


  • Protects and safeguards the skin against UV SPF 50 + radiation.
  • Restores the natural protective barrier of the skin, damaged during cosmetic treatments.
  • Reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation, e.g. after laser and mechanical treatments.
  • Relieves irritations and accelerates regeneration processes.
  • Protects against free radicals.
  • Reduces oxidative stress both during the day and at night, providing an optimal level of protection.
  • Causes increased firmness and hydration of the skin