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Collagen Hydration 02 eye


Collagen Hydration eye cream was created to respond to the needs of delicate skin around the eyes. Daily activity, fatigue, stress and emotions cause this skin to be particularly vulnerable to the formation of fine wrinkles and discolourations. Thanks to the content of soy and wheat germ extract, Collagen eye cream has an oxygenating effect, provides complete hydration and nourishment of the skin. The addition of collagen improves the flexibility and elasticity of the skin and does not allow mimic wrinkles to become permanent. The flavonoids contained in plant cells prevent premature aging and stimulate natural regeneration processes of the skin. Polysaccharides and hyaluronic acid provide long-lasting hydration and smoothing.


  • For daily use around the eyes.


The cream should be applied every day in the morning and in the evening.


  • Increases the content of hyaluronic acid.
  • Oxygenation.
  • Increases the content of collagen.
  • Stimulates hyaluronic synthesis.
  • Protection of live layers of the skin.
  • Protects enzymes against glycation.
  • Smooths the skin.
  • Provides deep hydration of the skin.
  • Firms the skin and reduces small wrinkles.