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Acne action Asr+


Acne Action Asr+ creamcontains an extract from plant stem cells and green tea extract. A unique combination of the benefits of nature and modern medicine helps rebuild the skin. The richness of active ingredients makes the cream suitable for care of problematic skin,especially oily and acne prone skin. Polyphenols, tannins and caffeine contained in green tea, and vitamin E fight free radicals and help protect against the threats connected with an active lifestyle. By using the cream regularly, we will improve the appearance and condition of the skin.


Mixed skin, oily, acne prone, dry skin with imperfections.


The cream should be applied every day in the morning and in the evening after using Toner MP-acti+


  • Reduces shine and greasiness of the skin,
  • Normalizes the work of sebaceous glands,
  • Narrows and cleanses pores,
  • Reduces existing acne, prevents the formation of new lesions.