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Acne action Asr+ Ampoule

Acne action Asr + ampoules are designed for the care of mixed skin, oily, prone to acne. By combining the extract from the African plant Enantia Chlorantha with oleanolic acid, it regulates sebum production, reduces pores and reduces skin shine. Extract from green tea leaves has firming properties.  Stem cells with hyaluronic acid provide the skin with long-lasting hydration and stimulate natural regeneration processes.


  • Young skin with acne problems
  • Mature skin with acne problems
  • Mixed skin, oily with imperfections


For external use in beauty salons with needle-free mesotherapy treatments, micro-needle and treatments using ultrasonic waves.

Do not inject!


  • eliminates or significantly reduces acne changes
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • prevents acne changes
  • improves the appearance of skin